Fluid Bed Coffee Roasters Designed for Small Farms, Coffee Shops, Commercial Roasters & Home Roasting Professionals

Fluid Bed Coffee Roasters in 10,15 & 22 lb Capacities. New in 2016: 12lb roaster for 208V, 3-phase installations

ASHE Industries, LLC was founded in 2005 initially to provide air roasting fluid bed coffee roasters to meet the needs of the coffee grower, coffee processor and the coffee roasting professional. Our initial 10 LB fluid bed, air roasting system has since been expanded to include fluid bed coffee roasters in 12, LB 15 LB and 22 LB capacities in the same foot print as our work horse 10 LB system. Fluid bed coffee Roasting throughput is typically 1 minute per pound or less depending on roast preference.   The ASHE 22 LB (10 Kg) system will produce a medium roast in under 20 minutes, with 240 Volt, Single Phase power.  Air roasted coffee produced with an all electric fluid bed coffee roaster from ASHE Industries, provides the cleanest, freshest coffee possible.  All electric means that no hydrocarbon by-products, from the combustion of natural gas or propane, come in contact with your coffee.  ASHE roasters use only electricity to heat the air required for roasting.

Two additional versions of the ASHE fluid bed coffee roasters have also been developed to offer roasting capability for Cacao and Hazelnuts. These “Specialty” fluid bed roasters are based on the same proven ASHE fluid bed coffee roaster design, but have been optimized for the unique roasting requirements that Cacao and Hazelnuts present.

Join us in Kona!

Kona Coffee Expo-Roasting Workshop

Join us at the 10th annual Kona Coffee Expo on April 28 and Coffee Roasting Workshop on April 29, 2017.  In association with the Kona Coffee Farmers Association, ASHE Industries, LLC will be sponsoring a hands on Coffee Roasting Workshop.  The workshop will be held at Hala Tree Farms on Saturday, April 29.  Attendees will gain valuable […]

Thanks for Visiting us at Coffee Fest, Anaheim

Coffee Fest 2016 in Anaheim was a wonderful success.  It was great meeting all the new faces who visited our booth and customers who stopped by to say hello. We really enjoyed talking fluid bed coffee roasting with our customers. During the show we made a short video about the history of ASHE with our […]

ASHE Customer Testimonials

Fluid Bed Coffee Roasting Professionals

Bob Smith

I’ve been roasting coffee for more than 10 years and and for the last 4 I have been roasting on Ken’s roaster.  A great roaster for the small farmer with a  10 pound batch size, giving uniform perfect roasts every time. Because it is open and you can observe the coffee while it roasts, it makes it very easy to precisely achieve the desired roast level from light to dark. The cooling box lets you roast continuously because as one batch is cooling, you can be roasting the next batch.  Simply, I love it and would use no other.

Bob SmithOwner, Smith FarmsSMITHFARMS
Jane Kupersmith

The ASHE Fluid Bed roaster is the perfect model for a shop roaster; we can do back-to-back roasts all day or fire it up for a quick, single small  batch. The lack of recovery time needed between batches makes it super efficient, and the chaff removal system is effective.  The machine itself is topped only by ASHE LLC’s great customer service. Thanks, Dave and Ken! We’re so proud to use your machine and share it with our customers! June 24, 2015

Jane KupersmithHopscotch CoffeeHopscotch Coffee
Ian Victors

The ASHE fluid bed air roaster is impressive! I have been working one for 6 years and there have been zero issues. It’s fast, easy to use, and roasts a clean, even batch. I have recently purchased a second one to keep up with production. Dave and the rest of the ASHE team are very friendly and helpful. I will certainly continue to use these roasters as my business expands and I open more shops.

Ian VictorsTC RoastersTucson Roasters
Suzanne Shriner

We’ve used our ASHE roaster daily for over 10 years.  It’s perfect for small batch roasting.  Our staff loves the easy consistency of the roast process and our customers love the flavor.  It’s so economical, we’ve added a second one to our business.  It was the best investment our business ever made.

Suzanne ShrinerLions Gate Kona Coffee FarmsLions Gate Farms
Charlie Brown

I have been using the roaster for three years now. It produces a perfectly even and consistent roast and enables me to “roast on demand” which is very important for my business.

Charlie BrownWailapa FarmsWailapa Farms
Hans Eckert

You know I am happy!

Hans EckertOwner, Lyman 100% Organic Kona CoffeeLyman Kona Coffee Farms

Thanks for all you do. I wouldn’t be in business without you.

SharkmanOwner, Kona Sharks CoffeeKona Sharks Coffee
Joseph Penner

My ASHE roaster has been an extremely durable and reliable machine that makes great coffee every time. Every aspect of the machine exudes professional craftsmanship. Repairs are rarely needed but are accessible to the layperson. Definitely one of the best values in coffee roasting.

Joseph PennerSteel Bridge Coffee, LLCSteel Bridge Coffee
Jean Orlowski

We bought our ASHE 22 lb roaster about a year ago and we only had good experiences. The boxes came very well packed, the setup was easy and the documentation is very detailed. Since then we are roasting all our coffee on it and won the chef’s choice award at the Holualoa Coffee Stroll this year.

The roaster is very simple to use but also have multiple setup available, you can choose the number of coils for the heat and the blowing power. You can connect to a computer and use the Artisan software that gives you the profile of the roast.

Overall we have only positive comment about the ASHE roaster and would recommend anytime. The service and support is also great.

Jean Orlowski100% Kona CoffeeHala Tree Coffee