Fluid Bed Coffee Roaster OLD


Fluid Bed Air Roaster

Also known as Hot Air Roasting or Air Roasting

Fluid Bed Coffee Roasters by ASHE Industries, LLC are designed especially for the Estate coffee farm, small processor, or coffee shop. ASHE Fluid Bed Coffee Roasters produce a uniform roast from light through to dark continental at the rate of approximately 1 minute per pound. Fluid Bed Coffee Roasters by ASHE Industries are engineered for many years of trouble free use and ease of operation. Fluid Bed Coffee Roasters by ASHE Industries are designed to withstand the rigors of back to back roasts in a production environment. Fluid Bed Coffee Roasters from ASHE will make your coffee roasting experience an enjoyable affair day after day. Our Fluid Bed Coffee Roasters are easy to maintain and will require only minimal service on an annual basis. Cleaning the air filters and wiping down the stainless surfaces are all that is required. The roast chamber tilt arm assembly is easily removable to allow a thorough cleaning when required. Roasting coffee using ASHE Fluid Bed Coffee Roasters will be an enjoyable experience. Our goal at ASHE Industries, LLC is to make sure you enjoy and find great satisfaction in using our Fluid Bed Coffee Roasters to meet your customers high expectations for great tasting coffee.