10 LB Hazelnut Roaster with Cooling System


The ASHE 10 lb Hazelnut roaster is a special adaptation of our standard fluid bed coffee roasting system.  Like our coffee roasters, the Hazelnut roaster utilizes hot air to uniformly roast up to a 10 lb batch of raw hazelnuts in a fluidized bed of air.  Because of the unique differences in the geometry and mass of Hazelnuts compared to coffee beans, many engineering changes have been incorporated into the ASHE Hazelnut roaster to optimize roasting performance and minimize roast times.  The ASHE Hazelnut roasting system will roast 10 lbs of hazelnuts in approximately 20 minutes.  An 8 lb batch can be roasted in approximately 15 minutes.

One of the unique benefits of roasting hazelnuts using the ASHE fluid bed method is that hot air stream provides a gentle lifting action that tumbles the hazelnuts helping to remove a majority of the loose hazelnut bark.  The bark is lifted vertically and carried off by the optional ASHE Chaff collection system which captures the loose bark in an easy to empty collection receptacle.  This leaves a nearly bark free nut as depicted in the picture of a freshly roasted batch in the ASHE cooling tray.  Similar to coffee, hazelnuts should be quickly cooled after roasting to remove latent heat and stop the roasting process.  This is accomplished using the ASHE cooling tray system that is included with the hazelnut roaster.

ASHE highly recommends that our Hazelnut roasting customers also purchase the chaff collection system with the hazelnut roaster to capture the extensive amount of bark that is removed from the hazelnuts.

Electrical Requirements Roaster with cooling system: 240 Volts 80 Amps.

Optional Accessories:

  • Chaff Collection system

All systems come standard with USB roast monitor interface, input air temperature probe, settable high temp alarm, and digital bean temperature read out.

*Prices shown include shipping within Continental U.S. only. Alaska & Hawaii add $500.

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