Air Coffee Roaster-AIRPRO 11 lb

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The Air Coffee Roaster-AIRPRO 11 lb Fluid Bed air coffee roaster represents our latest commercial system.  The AIRPRO 11 incorporates patented design features of the larger AIRPRO-22 system.  Using our proven fluid-bed roaster design, the AIRPRO 11 roasting system is a perfect choice for small and medium volume coffee shops wanting daily fresh roasted coffee. The AIRPRO 11 fluid bed air coffee roaster is also perfect for the estate coffee farm. Estate coffee farmers roast tons of coffee every year and rely on ASHE Fluid Bed Air Coffee Roasting systems for business success.  Small business entrepreneurs also rely on ASHE Fluid Bed roasting systems like Aviator Coffee

The stainless steel construction of the AIRPRO 11 lb Air Coffee Roaster is easy to clean and maintain. Because stainless steel is corrosion resistant, the stainless steel AIRPRO 11 body construction is ideal for roasting outdoors. The AIRPRO 11 roaster is resistant to rust and decay from salt air and high humidity environments found in many tropical coffee growing regions.

For economy and flexibility the Air Coffee Roaster-AIRPRO 11 lb is the perfect choice for your coffee shop, roastery or estate farm operation.  The heating circuit on the AIRPRO 11 can be configured for 208V, 3-Phase power, common in many commercial locations.  Additionally, the standard 240V, 1-Phase power option is also available.  The AIRPRO 11 is a flexible choice for setting up your roasting operation.

When a roasting location is equipped with 3-Phase power, the AIRPRO 11 will eliminate the need for a buck/boost transformer.  A buck/boost transformer is required to run a 240 Volt roaster when only 208 Volt, 3-phase power is available.

The AIRPRO 11 lb (5 kg) Fluid Bed Coffee Roaster comes fully assembled with the following standard features:

  • Panel mount digital meter for monitoring bean temperature during the roast.
  • USB roast monitor interface to track roast profile using Artisan or Cropster applications.
  • All stainless steel forced air cooling system to quickly cool your fresh roasted beans.
  • Roast chamber constructed of Stainless Steel with perforated aluminum heat shield.
  • All Stainless Steel roaster body, control panel and top plate.
  • Dual integrated chassis mount air filters for maximum air flow.
  • High capacity blower system for optimized fluid bed roasting.
  • Three individually switchable heating elements to customize roast temperatures.
  • Heating element wattage control for small batch roasting or roast profile tuning.
  • Air pressure safety system.
  • Audible bean temperature set point alarm.
  • Illuminated control panel status lights.

Optional Accessories:

  • Swivel hood Assembly for Chaff Collection
  • Chaff Collection system
  • Clear Glass Profile roast chamber for 1/2-2 lb batch sizes

Roaster Power Requirements:

  • Heating Circuit:  240 volt, 1-phase, 50 amps OR 208 volt, 3-phase, 35 amps
  • Control Circuit:  120 volt, 1-phase, 15 amps (for loft blower, controls and cooling fan)

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