15 lb Coffee Roaster and Cooler


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The ASHE 15 LB fluid bed coffee roaster is based on our work horse 10 LB Fluid Bed Coffee Roaster with additional engineering improvements to allow efficient roasting of a 15 LB load of green coffee beans.  Roast chamber capacity on the ASHE 15 lb Fluid Bed Coffee Roaster has been increased to accommodate the larger volume of beans.  In addition, heating system wattage and blower capacity on the ASHE 15 lb Fluid Bed Coffee Roaster has also been increased to quickly roast a 15 lb load.  Roast times are approximately 1 minute per pound or less depending on degree of roast desired.

The ASHE 15 LB Fluid Bed Coffee Roaster system comes standard with the following features:

  • Panel mount digital meter for monitoring bean temperature during the roast.
  • USB Interface for monitoring roast profile using roast logging software
  • All stainless steel ASHE forced air cooling system to quickly cool the fresh roasted beans at the conclusion of the roast.
  • Roast chamber constructed of Stainless Steel with perforated aluminum heat shield
  • All Stainless Steel roaster body, control panel and top plate.
  • Three individually switchable heating elements to customize roast temperatures
  • Air pressure safety system
  • Illuminated control panel status lights.

Power Requirements: 240 volts AC, 65 amps for heaters;120 volts AC, 15 amps for blower, cooler, and controls.

Optional Accessories:

  • Chaff Collection system

All systems come standard with USB roast monitor interface, input air temperature probe, settable high temp alarm, and digital bean temperature read out.

*Prices shown include shipping within Continental U.S. only. Alaska, Hawaii and Outside U.S. quoted separately.

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