AIRPRO 15 lb Cacao Roaster

Specifically designed for the delicate roasting requirements of Cacao beans. The AirPro 15 lb Cacao roaster by ASHE utilizes a temperature control feedback loop for regulating input air temperature to provide a constant temperature profile during the Cacao bean roasting cycle. System includes the ASHE Cooling system and digital temperature readout.

All systems come standard with USB roast monitor interface, input air temperature probe, settable high temp alarm, and digital bean temperature read out.

To inquire about purchasing this roaster, please call 844-722-4968 or email



Cacao beans can now be efficiently air roasted with the AIRPRO 15 lb Cacao Roaster. Cacao roasting is a unique and special process that requires precise control of Cacao bean temperature. The AIRPRO 15 lb Cacao Roaster uses a closed loop temperature control process to maintain a consistent Cacao bean temperature during the roasting process.


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