Chaff Collection

Indoor Fluid Bed Coffee Roasting necessitates the use of a high performance chaff collection system. The efficient and effective all metal, high temperature ASHE Chaff Collection system will provide years of trouble free service.  Only minimal maintenance is required due to the all metal construction.

The complete system includes the swing/swivel chaff collection hood, cyclone chaff separator/collector and a high performance blower to draw air through the system and out to exhaust. The swivel hood, which pivots over the top of the roast chamber, facilitates efficient loading/unloading and sampling of beans during the roasting process.  Being close to the top of the roaster chamber, the swivel hood provides optimum efficiency in capturing loose chaff and smoke during the roast cycle.

Also included is a convenient roasting light that attaches to the swivel hood assembly.  The light uses an articulating arm for easy adjustment of the light position to optimize viewing of the beans.

Due to the modular design, the entire cyclone/blower combination can be remotely located in another room or outside, covered, with suitable nonrestrictive ducting.

For the DIY customer who wishes to construct their own chaff collection system ASHE can still supply just the swing hood assembly which bolts to the existing roaster top plate.

Chaff Collector $4,795

Stand-Alone Swivel Hood Assembly

If the customer desires to construct their own chaff exhaust system, ASHE can still supply just the swing hood assembly which easily connects to the roaster top plate.  The price of a stand alone Swivel Hood Assembly for the AIRPRO-11 roasters is $1,695.  The required Swivel Hood Assembly for the AIRPRO-22 roasters is $1,895, plus shipping and sales tax if applicable.

Includes roasting light with articulating arm and 8 feet of high temperature flex duct.

All roasters are configured for your specific needs.
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