New! ASHE Return on Investment Calculator

New! ASHE Return on Investment Calculator

Interested in a Fluid Bed Coffee Roaster, but not sure if you can afford it?

Well, we’ve developed a Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator for your convenience! Try it now!

Simply enter your data and it will calculate the following for you:

New Roasted Cost/LB – The final cost for one lb of roasted coffee beans (including electricity and labor costs) using the chosen roaster model
Approx. Capital Required – Cost will vary slightly depending on the power options chosen.
Savings Per LB Of Coffee – Old cost minus the new cost or if you are looking to sell coffee beans this is the profit per lb.
ROI (Weeks) – The number of weeks it will take to pay off the machine at the expected quantity roasted per week. These are so affordable we list the ROI in weeks, not months…WEEKS!
ROI Total Labor Hours – This is the total number of hours you will spend roasting until you have reached the return on investment. Divide the ROI (Weeks) from this number and you’ll get how many hours per week you’ll need to Roast.
Total LBs To Break Even – This is the total number of lbs of coffee you need to roast to pay off the machine.

Here are the variables you need to enter:

Batch Shrinkage % – This is how much water content is lost. This will be higher for Darker Roasts and some green varieties. Use an average number for this or leave our default.
Electric Cost (kWh) – This is the number that you pay per kWh of electricity.
Labor Cost/Hr – Enter your full burdened hourly rate for roasting. If you’re roasting by yourself as a side hustle, you could enter zero here, or add to the hourly rate any additional overhead costs you need to consider for your business.
Raw Green Bean Cost/lb – This is the price for Green Coffee. Depending on where the coffee comes from and the quantity you are buying this number can vary greatly.
Roasted Price – This is how much you are currently buying roasted coffee for OR the price you plan to sell one lb of coffee for.
LBS of Roasted Beans per Week – This is how much roasted coffee you plan to buy which would be insourced OR the amount you expect to sell per week with your coffee roasting business.

Purchasing Options:

AirPRO Model – Choose the 11lb or 22lb model. The 22lb will save you in labor since you can roast more coffee in a single batch.
Chaff Collector – If you roast indoors you’ll almost certainly need the chaff collector.
2lb Sample Roast Chamber – This is a nice option which is great for small test batches, but is not required.

You can try our ROI calculator here:

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