About Ashe Coffee

ASHE Industries began with the goal of producing a simple 10 lb capacity fluid bed coffee roaster for use on small estate coffee farms in the Kona Coffee district of Hawaii. Our founding partner, Ken Sheppard, owned and operated Dragon’s Lair Farm in south Kona for over 10 years.  It is here where Ken developed the prototype ASHE Air Roasters between 1995 and 2004. All of these early prototype roasters are still in operation in the Kona coffee district and serviced by ASHE.

In 2005, ASHE Industries, LLC was formed to begin commercial production of our signature fluid bed coffee roaster. Since 2005, we have continued to advance the art of Fluid Bed coffee Roasting which now includes our newest AIRPRO 11 lb (5kg) standard roaster and AIRPRO 22 lb (10 kg) high capacity roaster. We also provide a purpose-built chaff collection system for use with in-door roasting operations and specialty roasters for Cacao and Hazelnuts.