ASHE Chaff Collection and Removal System


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Designed for users who have an indoor roasting operation, the ASHE Chaff Collection system comprises a swing/swivel chaff collection hood, a cyclone chaff separator/collector and a blower/fan to draw air through the system and out to exhaust. The swivel hood facilitates loading/unloading and sampling. Being close to the top of the roaster the swivel hood provides optimum efficiency in capturing loose chaff during the roast cycle.

The whole cyclone/blower combination can be housed separately in another room or outside, covered, with suitable nonrestrictive ducting.

If the customer wishes to construct their own chaff collection system ASHE can supply just the swing hood assembly which bolts to the existing roaster plate. The price of this unit is $1,795 plus tax and shipping.

Power Required:  220/240 Volt, 1-phase, 8 Amp OR 120 Volt, 1-Phase, 20 Amp

*Prices shown include shipping within Continental U.S. only. Alaska, Hawaii and Outside U.S. quoted separately.

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